Start Up: Calling all Social Entrepreneurs!

Do you dream about being on “Shark Tank” or the next Jeff Bezos? In this camp, you’ll work in small groups to learn how to integrate social media, business policy, and innovation to develop a product or service that could change lives. Explore successful products that are environmentally friendly, support an underserved community, or focus on philanthropic activities and learn about creating a business designed to support the greater good.


Students will create a business plan based on their product or service. High school students will be challenged to include market analysis and a marketing plan into their proposal to best capture the potential of their product or service.


Our virtual Enrichment Camps will run for two hours per day for one week for Middle Schoolers and two weeks for High Schoolers. They will include some independent work outside of the live group sessions.

Middle School Camp Price: $750$600

High School Camp Price: $2,500$2,000

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