Learning Café

If your school’s online program is failing your child, ease your worries. We can help close the gap on virtual learning loss and improve school for your struggling teen. Get homework support and improve executive functioning skills (time management, organization, and planning) so they can better perform in an online learning environment.

Learning Café Classic

For each month enrolled, receive up to 10 hours a week in small groups of up to ten students, plus homework support, activities to grow executive functioning skills and peer interaction to increase engagement and overall performance. Includes weekly check-ins for parent and student.

Learning Café Premium

All services in Classic, plus up to three 1:1 subject-specific tutoring sessions a week and Study Skills Course to develop new tools and more effective learning strategies.


Learning Café Classic: $900/month

Learning Café Premium: $2325/month for first two months, $1600/month thereafter

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