Digital Media Arts Studio: Lights, Camera, Action!

Unlock your talent in the world of digital media arts. Geared for students who want to explore careers in television, music recording, and interactive media industries. In this camp, students will learn a broad spectrum of digital media skills including videography, photography, design and editing to create and manipulate graphic creations. Improve your understanding of techniques and what it takes to shoot quality portraits, close-ups, action shots, and landscape, and gain the confidence and knowledge you need to become a serious digital artist.


Create a portfolio of graphic designs, photographs and videos of artistic expressions. High school students’ portfolio of artwork will be organized around a theme relevant to their identify as an artist.


Our virtual Enrichment Camps will run for two hours per day for one week for Middle Schoolers and two weeks for High Schoolers. They will include some independent work outside of the live group sessions.

Middle School Camp Price: $750$600

High School Camp Price: $2,500$2,000

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