Tutoring Packages

Get the support your child needs for any core classes or subjects. Our teachers are our tutors and are subject matter experts to help your child get back on track, while also acting as a mentor in the one-to-one environment. 

Below you can purchase unique tutoring packages we’ve put together as well as tutoring sessions for any core or elective subjects. After purchasing, we’ll work with you on building a customized schedule for your student.

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    We all know that some subjects don’t come as easily as others. For students who need a little extra help, Futures Academy offers personalized 1:1 tutoring sessions. Students receive individualized instruction customized to fit their unique needs and learning style. The tutor teaches the content until the student masters the subject area and is ready to move onto the next lesson. Tutoring support is offered online or on-campus.

    Great For: All students in grades 6-12



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